Comprehensive site audits, assesing UX approach among competitors, identifying best practices and adopting improvements. Conducting user and stakeholders interviews, writing up scripts, surveys, stimuli, and reports. Identifying user needs and goals, creating experience maps, personas, user flows and journeys.

Concept & Design

Running different types of workshops, internally and with clients. Crafting full user experience, using best practices, methods and principles. Drawing up information architecture and sitemaps, wireframes (low & high fidelity), conceptualizing user-centered interactions, and prototyping. Also presenting work and rationale for stakeholders, and creating documentation and deliverables for clients, visual design and developers.


Planning and running user testing at different stages on the project, like desirability, findability and usability, delivering testing reports.


I am a self-driven UX / Interaction Designer that believes in simple effective design and cooperation, putting the user at the centre in every stage of production. During the last year I have been working in rich content responsive sites. I am always looking to get my hands dirty with new and challenging projects.


If that sounds familiar to you, please stay in touch. Simply drop me an email, or contact me via LinkedIn. You can also follow me on Twitter, see some of my daily pictures on Tumblr, check some of my boards on Pinterest or even listening some of my playlists in Spotify.

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