Clara Avila

Senior Product / UX Designer

Projects —

01 Key player on the energy market 02 Google DNI 03 Wellcome Collection 04 The Guardian US A few more

Self-driven UX designer with a passion for collaborative environments and agile processes. I believe in simple and effective design, putting the user at the centre in every stage of production. Broad experience in rich content sites in the culture, banking and energy sectors. Always challenging myself to learn something new with every project.


Key player on the energy market

Product Manager & Senior UX Designer

Creating a site that focuses on user satisfaction, increasing the number of online users as well as attracting new clients. With a new and improved dashboard area that keeps things simple and promotes self-management, it provides tools for the user needs, where day-to-day tasks can be carried out effortlessly. Offering personalisation of the client value proposition for the different audience types. Increasing the online sales growth via eCommerce and online requests that could be closed through different channels.

Ideation workshop.

— Redesign for a 10 year old website, delivering new corporate and commercial sites, and a dashboard area.


Google DNI

UX Designer


A Google department with the sole purpose to stimulate the European news ecosystem. DNI is to be a go-to destination with amazing content for anyone who is interested in technology and journalism, increasing the overall collaboration with the industry. To make a positive impact to the news ecosystem by creating new products that sustain ambitious provocative journalism and maintains a plurality of voices, having a positive reputation by creating content that demonstrates DNI commitment to the industry.


Wellcome Collection

UX Designer


We created a set of digital guidelines that establish a relationship between Wellcome Collection and Wellcome Library, that also increase access to, and engagement with, the digital collections and editorial content on a platform that supports a range of content from digitised books and manuscripts, from photography, artworks, cartoons and video.

— We explored around desirability preferences on digital layouts for researchers, as well as testing findability to propose a new enhanced Information Architecture.


The Guardian

UX / UI Designer

on Medium

App Store

Providing The Guardian Innovation Lab with a series of tactical opportunities to improve user experience on Mobile Live Coverage and to stand out among competitors. Experimenting with new formats that are more scannable, delivering summaries and adapting to context, including editorial and design treatments, reading experience interactions, and service-based features.

— We generated 26 features. We matched these features with the previously identified user types. We prioritised them, and the 9 features that best complied with the criteria, were selected for the design phase.

Other Projects

I have also worked with the clients above. Full portfolio is available upon request. I hope you find my profile interesting.

Please, stay in touch, just drop me a line or say hi!


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